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Moonbabies Custom Jewelry

Moonbabies is proud of the work we have done through our custom fundraising jewelry, which has helped raise money for some of the finest charities in the country. We work with organizations to design and create fundraising jewelry that suits their purpose and meets their unique needs. Our fundraising jewelry includes Moonbabies pins, I.D. necklaces, eyewear holders, anklets and bracelets.

All of our fine fundraising jewelry is made with pride right here in the United States using the highest quality unique beads selected from various sources around the world. The idea of fundraising jewelry may not be new, but this type of higher quality product is uncommon. Offering handcrafted, American-made fundraising jewelry that is customized for your cause will set you apart and give you a head start in your fundraising efforts. Whether you’re raising money for an organization, charity or school, our fundraising jewelry can help you attain your goals.

One of the most beneficial aspects of our fundraising jewelry is the fact that it not only helps raise money through the jewelry sales, but also helps raise awareness about the cause with the customized design. And all of our unique and beautiful beaded fundraising jewelry is hand made in America. This allows us to move from the creative process to the delivery of the completed product in a very short period of time, so you can start raising funds as soon as possible.

Fine charitable organizations such as ARMC Hospice, The Starfish Foundation, African American Heritage Month, Easter Seals North Georgia, Miss New Jersey, Breath of Life, Autism Resource Network and Spread the Magic have all benefited from our fundraising jewelry. Contact us today to begin working with one of our fundraising jewelry designers, and start earning dollars and raising awareness ASAP.

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